Switchblade M240 7.62 300 Round Ammo Tray - Multicam - NOS

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Product Overview

Switchblade M240 7.62 300 Round Ammo Tray - Multicam

The Switchblade System of modular packs is designed to be customized to the soldier and to the mission. The removable, adjustable frameset and the stackable components that lie at the core of the Switchblade’s design are unlike anything before it in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Insert the Frameset into the Molle Panel, load the Molle Panel with irregular or mission-specific items, and then top it off with a Raid Pack for personal sustainment items.

Our most popular and robust ammo carriage solution for M240 Teams. Comfortably holds and efficiently feeds 300 rounds of belted 7.62 ammunition. The MOLLE Panel can carry up to three of these, but a maximum of two is recommended simply due to the ammunition’s weight. Slick plastic interior and angled feed end ensure efficient and smooth feeding. The textured interior of the closure flap allows it to capture the tag end of a belt of ammo for retention.
P/N: 98641


(No reviews yet) Write a Review